Thursday, February 9, 2017



Q4: In what ways do you think you have gotten better at this kind of work?

I think I have gotten better at determining overall how to frame the object I am taking a picture of as a photographer. My rule of thirds, leading lines, and angle have all been improved from simple taking a straightforward photo. Also, my photoshop skills have tremendously increased. The levitation photos from Photo 1 have unreal looking shadows and the person in the photographs (Hannah) looks like a cardboard cutout. Now, I could probably do the same project and have it turn out more well done. I’m really proud of the photoshop I did in the still life project to make levitating oranges.

Q5: In what ways do you think you need to improve?

One thing I need to improve on as a photographer is creating a collection of images that all relate in someway. My way of taking pictures is abstract and I don’t try to have a specific theme if I’m working on a project. For example, my architecture photographs were a mix of black and white photos and rainbow filtered photos. I really need to work on making a nice gallery that isn’t just random photos. I also need to improve on working with aperture, shutterspeed, and iso because right now I have not mastered those settings yet.

Q10: What was especially satisfying to you about either the process or the finished product?

For the unidentified objects project it was really satisfying to be forced to concentrate on the details of objects. A big section of photography is taking pictures of whole things like people, buildings, or food. But this project was really nice to kind of go on a scavenger hunt to look for interesting things in normal objects. The finished project was satisfy to look at the textures rather than what the objects were. It was almost like looking from the perspective of an ant!

Q17: What did you learn about yourself as you worked on this piece?

For the golden hour project, I learned that for me personally, everything looks better during the golden hour. I prefer the golden glow to that of the white glow of the still life project. I think this is because golden hour is only for a small amount of time and most of the time, I’m not outside to see it, so it’s kind of like christmas when you take photos. I also learned that I really hate getting up early, with the exception of getting up early to take pretty photos and drink coffee. Also, it’s so nice to just like take pictures of the world without everyone staring at you if you go early in the morning. Does this mean I’m an introvert?

Q22: In what ways was your work or process different?

For the dream project, I had to think out what I was going to take pictures, how I wanted them to be conveyed, and what to say about them in the end. That was a completely different process than just taking pictures and editing them. It required a lot of thought and was scary bringing some feelings I get from dreams to life.

Q26: What is the one thing you particularly want people to notice when they look at your work?

When I take pictures of other people, like candids, or regular portraits, I want other people to see the best out of the model. I want their true persona to be broadcasted through a photo. I think it is really great to capture a person's laugh or tears on camera and I want these pure emotions to stand out to other people. Some of my favorite photos are of my best friend Hannah laughing or my brother Ryder jumping of things.

Q3: One thing I would like to improve on is…

My photoshop layering. In the self portrait photo or any double exposure photograph, the end result doesn’t look as artistically composed as I would have liked it to be. I want to work on making both images look defined, yet compatible and need to work on my photoshop skills.

Q36: What’s one goal you would like to set for yourself text time?

The next time I go out and take some pictures, I really want to focus on making a string of images that are all similar and don’t look like they were taken from different photographers. I want to try to develop a style.